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They aim to provide customers with carbonated soft drinks that refreshes them to the core. With GreenFizz Beverages, Lundia Group enters the Food and Beverage industry. Lundia Group has been one of the major companies in the Eastern region for more than 20 years. Keeping in mind the scope of beverages in the Eastern region of India, GreenFizz was launched. The company was incorporated on 25th January, 2011. The Directors of the company are Mr. Arun Lundia, Mr. Pramod Lundia, Mr. Punit Lundia and Mr. Rohit Lundia. The company's factory is in Mouza, Ajabnagar, near Durgapur Express Highway. As of now, they are the  sole bottlers for RC Cola in West Bengal. They are also the manufacturers of Fly up, their newly launched brand of soft drinks. In the near future they wish to venture further into the industry with various other varieties of juices and eatables along with other flavours and brands of carbonated soft drinks.

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