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Fly UP


Every sip of Fly UP Cola brings you a burst of flavours.  This Cola drink will surely energise you after a tiring day.

Fly UP Lemon

Authentic Lemon flavour reigns this bottle of Fly UP. Filled with real lemon juice, this is the " IT " soft drink for all lemon lovers.

Fly UP Jeera

Power packed with the flavour of jeera, this drink is unlike any other you have ever tasted. Don't believe us? Try it yourselves!!

Pyasa Dil

Karle Chill

Fly UP Orange

Imagine a world full of juicy Oranges... Well Fly UP's Orange sure transports you to that place with just a sip. 


Fly UP Nimbu Pudina

Have a party? Need a quick+yum+different+amazing drink? Look no further. Fly Up's Nimbu Pudina will do it all for you and more!

Fly UP



Want to make your own fizzy drink? try out our very own Soda. It can go well with all sorts of flavours that you add!!

fly up media coverage
fly up media coverage
fly up media coverage
fly up media coverage
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Media  Coverage


COLA_300ml V3.png

1.The product comes in handy PET bottles, which ensures health and hygiene as well as provide mobility to the consumers

2.The SKUs are very competitive priced

3.All products have real fruit juice in it enhancing the texture, taste and the health factor


4.Products are developed in State of art factory of International standard ensuring consistency in quality of product and packaging


5.All the raw materials used in the product are produced in global facilities, customised specially for Fly UP


6.The final products are developed keeping in mind the taste of Indians


7.Promotional Activities and Marketing Campaigns are carried out regularly

Director's speech

ORANGE_300ml V3.png

With Fly UP, we have introduced fruit based carbonated drink and not carbonated soft drink. It does not have any artificial sweetners and instead uses real fruit juice. The addition of real fruit juice enhances the texture, taste and the health factor of the product. The product is the perfect blend of International flavours with indigenous (regional) taste. It comes in 4 packs of 250mL, 300 mL, 600 mL and 2Litre Bottles.  . Since the pack is of PET bottles, health and hygiene factors are completely assured. We come with 6 flavors - Cola, Jeera, Orange, Lemon, Nimbu Pudina and Soda. With a world class modern production unit, we assure our customers of the deliciousness of our product.

An Overview


One of the fastest growing food and beverage brand in Eastern India, Fly UP produces carbonated fruit beverages of various traditional and unique flavours. Available in 6 variants : Cola, Jeera, Lemon, Orange, Nimbu Pudina and Soda, the Bottles are available in 4 pack sizes – 250 mL, 300 mL, 600 mL and 2 Litres. All SKUs are competitively priced. 


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